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Tree is man's best friend. Let us join hands with nature to save the world.
Dahanu - A town by the sea
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Dahanu Taluka Environment Protection Authority (DTEPA)
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With the local groups in Dahanu seeking legal redress for consistent flouting of environmental laws, the Supreme Court in a landmark order, in 1996 recommended the setting up of a special Authority in "order to address the complex issues of planning and management of ecologically fragile areas".
(Read Supreme Court Order, October 1996)

With the mandate to protect the ecologically fragile area of Dahanu taluka, specifically control pollution, consider and implement the 'Precautionary Principle' and the 'Polluter Pays' principle, the Authority was set up, headed by Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari (Read Notification setting up of the special Dahanu Taluka Environment Protection Authority, 1996). The Authority also has as its members, experts from the areas of hydrology, environmental engineering, urban planning, government representatives, etc.

A unique prototype of a democratic institution set up to protect the ecology, natural resources and livelihoods of a region, the Dahanu Taluka Environment Protection Authority (DTEPA) has for a period of twelve years been more than just a watchdog institution. Recognising the ecological politics of control over natural resources, the Authority has unwaveringly stood by the principles of social justice and equitable rights for local communities. With its landmark orders and judgements, the DTEPA has contributed to the environmental discourse and debate in India.

The Dahanu Authority continues to play an important role in ensuring that Dahanu Taluka becomes a model taluka of environmental protection and conservation.
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